Thursday, 8 August 2013

Skeletons in the Closet: Part Five

Here's the eagerly anticipated (for its very select group of readers) fifth part... Again, any feedback, love or loathing, is perfectly welcome (and it's the internet so you can do it anonymously!). If you aren't part of the select group but would like to be, here are parts one, two, three, and four (I will find a better way of doing that at some point...)

Berenice and Bridget had no idea where they were going. After the confusion of the flight from the conservatory, they had simply kept running, propelled by sheer terror away from the grey-skinned warriors who had murdered their former host and her gardener. With a speed you would not have believed of them, they had outpaced all the others, fleeing deep into the manor without ever once looking back. Only two of the grey men had managed to keep up with them; now, with the twins’ pace slowing as they succumbed to the fatigue caused by their large, cumbersome dresses and large, cumbersome guts, they began to catch up. The twins managed to make it to a bathroom, panting and gasping; as they ran through the door, they managed to get their feet tangled together, and both ended up in a tangled heap on the floor.

Seeing this, their pursuers slowed, and began to grin evilly. It had been a long time, a very long time, since any of the warriors had seen a woman, let alone felt their touch; it had been a very long time since they had experienced any of the pleasures of the flesh, the taste of food or even the wonderful sensation of breathing. They had spent the last thousand years below ground before Harold, the now deceased gardener for the Tunnicliffes, had raised them from their torment and unwittingly set them loose on the world, and now they were determined to make up for lost time, starting with getting as much carnal pleasure as they could feasibly generate from the two women they had been pursuing.

These two particular warriors, it has to be said, were not of the brightest stock even when they were alive the first time, and a thousand years of conversing only with worms had hardly improved their mental facilities. Nor, for that matter, had it helped their ability to perform the carnal acts which they so craved; this knowledge might have saved them quite a lot of embarrassment, but they had no idea of the effects of their enforced incarceration, and were lustily looking forward to their fast-approaching encounter with the Chuffersleighs. They reached the door to the bathroom and looked down at the heaving masses of slightly cheap material which constituted the twins.

“Well, looks like we’ll be having a bit of... fun,” said the first, accompanying his words with his most evil grin. It made him look like a constipated ferret, admittedly one that had died and been reanimated by the most unholy of magics which played across his body like coruscating shadow. His companion merely chuckled, that low, almost asthmatic chuckle that only the most stupid of henchmen ever perfect and unleash whenever they think they have the upper hand. They stood leering in the doorway, flexing what remained of their muscles, as Bridget and Berenice slowly disentangled themselves and slowly rose onto their feet. Their eyes shone with anticipation.

The twins had led a rather sheltered life; in fact, the only times they left the house were to go shopping with their mother, whose incontinence and general bad temper made these excursions quite a chore, and their regular teas with the Tunnicliffes, where they put up being the objects of ridicule for the simple comfort of having some human contact outside of each other. As you can imagine, the chances of meeting men whilst either cleaning up excrement or having it verbally showered upon them were slim at best, a description that could not be extended to the twins themselves. Their only previous foray into this particular avenue was their previously mentioned courtship with an army captain, a match made for them by a mother desperate to have at least one male heir, and it would be as much of a disappointment to her as to the twins’ when she found out as they had that this particular captain fought for the other army, as it were. The Chuffersleighs had suffered lifetimes of not being wanted, of their instincts being repressed and their desires snuffed out. And now there were two almost naked men standing over them with lust in their glowing red eyes. Their terror at their situation gave to a far more primal emotion as years of submerged temptation all sprung forth at once.
The warriors’ leers disappeared as they caught the expressions on the twins’ faces. They suddenly felt very underdressed in their tattered loincloths, and wished there was more between them and the Chuffersleigh sisters. Judging by the looks of hungry anticipation on the twins’ porcine visages, several miles and lakes of cold water would have been a good start. As the twins rose to their feet, panting now for a different reason than their recent terrified exertion, the warriors glanced at one another, realising that a thousand years had not made them ready for what was about to happen. Berenice took a step forward, her body trembling with her efforts to stay in control, and the undead warriors’ nerves gave way completely. They turned and ran back the way they had come.

Without a second thought, giving way to their Bacchanalian urges, the twins followed them down the corridor, determined to satisfy their needs with the first men that had ever shown them any attention.